Why #ForceTheVote Matters: A Defense of Jimmy Dore

We’re mad at this guy instead of people with actual power not doing their jobs.

After losing at least a dozen house seats in the 2020 elections, Democrats are now facing their smallest house majority in at least a century, leaving Nancy Pelosi with a very slim chance of remaining as speaker.

Jimmy Dore (a contentious figure in the progressive movement) saw this as an opportunity to finally commence the process of getting a floor vote on Medicare for all.

He suggests that the progressive caucus should withhold their vote from Pelosi unless she brings Medicare for all to the house floor for a vote. This seems like the bare minimum in my opinion and should’ve been conceived by progressives a long time ago. AOC even ran on this, saying that: “we can’t even get a floor vote on Medicare for all.” which we know now was probably all for show; because this would be the perfect time to use your leverage right? This would be the perfect time to pressure politicians right? Well, apparently to a lot of members on the left, tone-policing seems to be a much more favorable route.

This is how many times dunking on somebody on twitter actually helped people. Source: David Sirota’s Twitter feed

In my opinion, this is the real unmasking of American politics. We as a society no longer care about what the idea is, rather we care about who is saying it. Especially if they are forthright in their speech. In this instance, the innocuous plan came from a full-throated comedian who uses his voice instead of his ego to push for a universally beloved policy. It may be a half measure, but it’s a step in the right direction. And just remember, every idea started small, and only courage made it real.

Demanding something for our vote is exactly how politics is supposed to work. Look at the Tea party for example, they actually used their leverage to push their agenda, albeit a very egregious one, but it proves that persistence is just as important as ideology. If progressives in congress had the capacity in their hearts to fight back against not only the Republicans but the Democratic establishment, then we would be one step closer to Universal health insurance. Take the idea for what it is. It’s not about Jimmy Dore, it’s about doing what’s right, and throwing away a golden opportunity out of spite is counterproductive. We as a country need to move past the culture war, we need to move past petty grudges and the cult of personality that has clouded substantial change. The time for Medicare for all has never been more urgent. The time for dissent is now, and capitulation to power is an admission of ineptitude no matter who you are. This is beyond character, and will set a precedent that the people hold the real power in this country and that we are the bosses of politicians.

I don’t care if AOC makes Republicans mad on Fox News, I don’t care that she tried to get a committee seat; people voted for her because she represented an idea, which is something she is now too afraid to fight for. People need to remember that progressives are elected officials, and like every other government employee, we need to make them do what they promised. compliance with corruption is worse than actual corruption because you don’t even realize it’s there.


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