The annual cost of the war in Afghanistan since 2001


This October marked the 19th Anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, a war that had an innocent justification, But Osama Bin Laden is dead and most of Al Qaeda has been wiped off the map yet we’re still there. an undoubtedly noble choice by the US has turned into a failed imperialistic scheme that has cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. And a lot of that money has unfortunately been wasted on a conflict that has no end in sight despite persisting peace talks. The SIGAR report, which was created in 2008, was asked by congress to quantify the impact…

We’re mad at this guy instead of people with actual power not doing their jobs.

After losing at least a dozen house seats in the 2020 elections, Democrats are now facing their smallest house majority in at least a century, leaving Nancy Pelosi with a very slim chance of remaining as speaker.

By Jt Dowd

Along with Covid-19, the Black Lives Matter movement dominated the news cycle throughout the summer, most news outlets reporting specifically on the riots that ensued. Not because peaceful protests were shrouded by an overwhelming surge of riots, but because violence makes for good television. The right-wing and neoliberal news outlets want clicks, not the truth. They want to manufacture a narrative that, at best, makes left-wing activism seem scary instead of defiant. And I don’t blame people for seeing the movement as a violent insurgency. If I spent my day in the Fox News echo chamber 24/7…


I am a dumb person

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